Get customized accountability and the tools you need to start loving yourself again.


For many years I covered up our family secret. And secrets always left me feeling lonely and scared.

When I finally worked up the courage to share with a friend or family that the man I loved was more in love with drugs and alcohol than me, the advice they gave me was always well intentioned and loving, but usually left me feeling worse.

They couldn’t understand why I was “putting up with him for so long.” Or they would try to convince me that if I did things differently, he would change and our marriage would be just as good as new.


I just needed someone who has experienced addiction and come out of it happier and healthier, tell me what to do.

And then I found Carol. And she became my greatest confidant. The one I called when I needed to be calmed down. To be told it was going to be ok, to remind me that I was a loving wife. Her gift was encouragement with a plan of action.

And every time I left her office, soaked up her advice like a dried out sponge and immediately started applying her wisdom with excitement and hope – things got better.

There were two things I gave her…

  1. I was honest. All the time. Even with the ugly embarrassing stuff. I held nothing back.
  2. I was willing to do the work. If she gave me a tip, I left that week and tried it out. And then reported back the following week.

She gave me…

  1. Her trust. She never judged me or my very dysfunctional life. She gave me a safe place to give a voice to the awful and gross that addiction brings into the family and never left my side.
  2. Buckets of encouragement. I forgot how important is was for someone to recognize my worth. This disease is constantly trying to make us feel worthless. And she helped pick me up when this disease brought me to my knees.
  3. A plan. Every time I left her office I knew what to do next. And sometimes it was scary and I didn’t really feel like doing it and sometimes it was very simple and required me to do something relaxing or fun.
  4. Accountability. I know without doubt – that I would still be stuck feeling hopeless and lost if I did not have someone to teach me what to do, remind me how capable I was of doing it, and then hold me accountable for taking action. I knew by the next appointment I would be able to feel proud of myself! It’s in the DOING that our confidence grows. Not just the talking or learning.

MLA-phonepackage-mlaIf you’re willing to give me what I once gave Carol and if you’re looking for someone to be your Carol,

I think we would be a perfect match.

I’m only accepting six women.
Not because I am trying to be exclusive but I want to be great at serving you.  I want to give you everything I have to offer so you can walk away with your relationship breakthrough.

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Investment: 4 calls for $400.00

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Have Questions? Some FAQs:

Are sessions in person, phone or video?

All sessions are by phone.

How long do sessions last?

Each phone call will be up to 1 hour and you will have 2 months to complete your 4 sessions.

Do I have to purchase one of the Love Over programs to become a client?

By completing one of the Love Over programs, you’ll know my personal style of teaching and know if we’ll be a good match.

Do you work with couples or men?

This is women only community - sorry men.

Are there refunds?

Clients will pay for all 4 sessions up front and there are no refunds. But if you need to reschedule your calls, you may do that at any time.

She held me accountable, taught me how to settle for some things and fight for others, and gave me the tools I needed to start loving myself again.