Love Over Boundaries is a course that not only teaches you how to create a personalized list of boundaries but shows you how to enforce them without fear of upsetting others. It gives you the respect and self-control your relationship needs.


Love Over Boundaries is a self-study online program for women who love a good person who drinks too much or suffers from addiction.

You’ll learn the difference between healthy boundaries vs. poor boundaries and how to stick to them without getting angry or resentful.


If I would’ve had this kind of program or advice 10 years ago, it might very well have saved my marriage.

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Are you feeling exhausted and mistreated?

Do you know you need boundaries but have no clue where to start?

Do you feel your life’s chaotic and out of control and you’re ready for peace and stability?

Is your loved one ignoring your boundaries?


Stop Giving Without Limits

If you don’t stop putting your self-worth in the hands of someone who is sick, you’re in trouble. A life without boundaries is a life full of resentment, dysfunction, and a constantly broken heart.

Here’s a loving truth:
Your relationship will not survive without boundaries.


you can:
Stop feeling lonely and get the loving relationships you crave

you can:
Choose the right boundaries and keep them

you can:
Know exactly what to say, how to express your boundaries, and when to say them so your loved one will stop ignoring you


Love Over Boundaries will teach you how to calm down and move into a place of joy the next time you feel angry or upset.


The Love Over Boundaries program is exactly what I needed to learn about setting and keeping boundaries as I try to stay in a peaceful and loving relationship with my alcoholic husband.

Michelle has explained how setting the right kind of boundaries is essential to letting your loved one know what you will not tolerate, but in a way that is not accusing or confrontational. I would encourage everyone to enroll in this program if you are feeling a little lost and alone.

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What Makes Love Over Boundaries Special?

Rather than just sharing our experiences, we actually teach you what to say, how to help, and what not to do in your relationship.

  • No meetings to attend and no childcare to arrange
  • You have complete privacy and anonymity
  • Available day or night (during a crisis) on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • And we NEVER, EVER do judgment. Come as you are.

Goodbye depressing group meetings.
Hello joy and encouragement.

Listening to Michelle is like listening to a trusted friend or confidante.

Love Over Boundaries goes into areas that are not often talked about and very uncomfortable to deal with. Her loving suggestions and examples are very helpful in not only setting my boundaries but doing so in a way that will allow me to remain confident and dignified.


How Love Over Boundaries Works

After registration, you’ll have instant access to the training program on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. There are 5 modules. A new module is released on a weekly basis.

Not “technically savvy?” We are always here to help you (and it’s easier than you may think).

You have lifetime access to the program - no need to rush. Start and stop whenever it’s convenient for you.

  • Listen

    2 Hours of Audio

    Scored and produced in NYC by an agency who composes Hollywood movies.

  • Write

    Fill in the blank guidesheets

    We included quizzes and checklists too - because recovery doesn’t need to be dark and depressing.

  • Community

    Our Secret Facebook Group

    Your Sisterhood (optional)
    None of your friends or family can view your posts or see you’re a member.

Course Details

  • boundary one :: basics

    • The rules for healthy boundaries vs. poor boundaries
    • Difficulty sticking to boundaries? Not anymore!
    • Secrets for enforcing boundaries
    • 40 of the best boundaries you can choose from
  • boundary two :: Addiction

    • Smart advice when your loved one drinks and drives
    • Drinking in the house – here’s the plan you’ve been waiting for
    • Can you leave them with the kids? Learn the real truth
    • Find out if throwing away their bottles is helpful or a waste of money
    • The most important boundary you need if they’re using drugs
    • How to deal with pornography in your relationship
  • boundary three :: Self-Control

    • 7 ways to talk to them without nagging
    • How to deal with your anger and get them to listen
    • The best way to teach them a lesson without lecturing
  • boundary four :: Protection

    • What to do when they’re being a mean drunk (or dry drunk)
    • Are you scared of their temper? The help you need now
    • The smartest thing you can do when they lie
  • boundary five :: self-care

    • Calm down and forgive – learn how in just 10 min a day
    • How to stop feeling lonely
    • Rediscover your passions and purpose
    • Feel like you can’t get it all done? Learn how
    • 5 helpful tips to get the perfect night’s rest
    • Why exercise is key to your marriage
  • bonuses

    • Want to stay with your loved one and be happily married whether they get sober or not? Listen to my interview with a woman who’s raising her two children in a loving marriage while her husband is still drinking.
    • Do you need to know how to express your new boundaries? Learn exactly what to say in this helpful print out: 20 Ways to Express Your Boundaries.

What Other Women Are Saying

Privacy is something we take very, very seriously. We never share names (or make them up) for testimonies. You’re going to have to trust they are from real women.

It is no exaggeration to say that this program is life-changing.

I always knew that personal boundaries are important, but after listening to the Love Over Boundaries program, I realized that boundaries, and the effective implementation of them, are the secret ingredient that has been missing from my marriage. The information in this program is essential to my personal happiness, regardless of my husband’s choices.

Michelle explains in her loving and supportive way how boundaries can validate and help me take back my power, and remember to love myself first. This program gives me the keys to stay and love authentically in my marriage or to be okay with choosing to leave and not settle for an unhealthy version of love. Michelle’s description is perfect: “boundaries speak to, and obey the whispers of your soul.”

I’m so grateful that I did this for me. I’m no longer alone.

The Love Over Boundaries program is amazing; so much awesome information. Michelle teaches about good and bad boundaries, how to enforce them, and the importance of having them in our lives. She breaks it down perfectly. She’s very honest and speaks from her own personal experience. Michelle’s program saved me. I have inner peace and joy again; something I thought was gone for good.

Get the program now!

Start healing your relationship today

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Is Love Over Boundaries Right For You?

When you feel like your life is chaotic and out of control, you’re not properly using boundaries.


Love Over Boundaries Can Help:

  • If you’re having a hard time sticking to boundaries
  • If you find the whole boundary topic confusing
  • You think you have an idea what boundaries are but you’re not sure where to start or what kind of boundaries you need in your life

Love Over Boundaries is NOT for:

  • Men. Sorry, this program is for women only. We’re a sisterhood.
  • Women who are looking for the “magic cure.” Recovery takes effort. Do what you can, when you can, but you will need to make an effort to see results. If you need encouragement, we’re always cheering you on. We are your biggest fans.

Your Privacy. Our MOST Important Priority. Seriously.

Real names are not required. Webcams and face-to-face meetings are not a part of our program.


Every Woman Needs Boundaries

Your recovery is the key to feeling so much better. Don’t wait for them to get sober. Start today.

Love Over Boundaries is less than a case of beer every month.


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Our Guarantee:

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Still Not Sure?

Some women have a hard time spending money on themselves. Meanwhile, the family finances are covering alcohol or drugs.

You have a choice: you can invest in their drinking or drugs, or you can invest in family’s future and recovery.

Now’s the time to give your relationship the chance it needs (and you don’t need to wait for your loved one to get sober).

I hope you’ll join us!

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