Love Over Mistakes is a self-study program for wives and mothers who love a good man that drinks too much or suffers from addiction, teaching you the 7 most common mistakes you might be making that could be preventing him from getting sober for good.

You’ll also learn the 3 most powerful things you can do to really help.

Can This Help You?

Trying to help but nothing is working?
You might be supporting his destructive behavior, without even knowing it.

Be absolutely sure your choices are creating the renewed relationship you crave.

Goodbye: guilt & self blame
Hello: confidence & courage

  • Correct your mistakes and you can:
    Feel confident (stop worrying about him and your future)
  • Correct your mistakes and you can:
    Know when to trust him and what to do when he lies
  • Correct your mistakes and you can:
    Find your joy and get your energy back
  • Correct your mistakes and you can:
    Create a hopeful plan for your future
  • Correct your mistakes and you can:
    Know what to do that really helps

You’re not powerless over this disease.
You CAN help him by transforming into a confident, happy, self controlled woman.

What Makes Us Different?

Rather than just sharing our experiences, we actually teach you what to say, how to help and what not to do in your relationship. We’re your sisterhood and your safe place.

No meetings to attend or childcare to line up
Complete privacy
Available night or day (and during a crisis)
And we NEVER, EVER do judgment

No depressing group meetings. Just love and encouragement from women like you.

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How Love Over Mistakes Works

After registration, you’ll have instant access to the entire
training program on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Not “technically savvy?” We’re always here to help you
(and it’s easier than you may think).

Work at your own pace – no need to rush,
you have lifetime access.


1 Hour of Audio
Scored and produced in NYC by an agency who composes Hollywood movies.


Fill In the Blank Guidesheets
We included quizzes and checklists too!


Our Secret Facebook Group Your Sisterhood
None of your friends or family can view your posts or see you’re a member.

Course Details

  • Mistake #1

    Trying to Help? 3 easy ways and what’s just a waste of time

    The truth about addiction every woman needs to know (told by a former addict)

  • Mistake #2

    Need him to listen and stop being defensive? Here’s how.

    Verbal Abuse and the best way to respond

  • Mistake #3

    Children: how to talk to them about Dad’s disease

    How to raise happy children – the best advice from a therapist

  • Mistake #4

    Meetings & Rehab’s: do they work?

    How you might be preventing him from quitting without knowing it

  • Mistake #5

    Discover your true purpose (and it’s not fixing him)

    Joy & happiness if he gets sober or not – yes, it’s possible

  • Mistake #6

    Detaching – why it’s so hard and how to do it correctly.

    Transform your anger and start healing

  • Mistake #7

    You still love him: how to stop feeling trapped in your marriage

    Stay or Leave: how to deal with opinions of friends and family

3 powerful things you can do

Powerful Thing You Can Do #1

The ultimate cure for people pleasers - how to stop needing approval from others

Powerful Thing You Can Do #2

Connection, hope and direction - how to find it everyday.

Powerful Thing You Can Do #3

THE tool for transformation: No therapy or meetings required


The day I started the Love Over Mistakes program my true healing started. I I can see a change in me, but also my husband. I'm starting to feel good about myself (slowly). I'm healing, learning to love him in a healthy way. I'm learning to love myself. Respect myself, to enjoy the small things in life. This program is changing my life!
In doing the Love Over Mistakes program I've found new happiness and joys that I didn't believe possible.
I just started Love Over Mistakes again and I can tell a huge difference in me, sitting here cozy in my bed, listening to Mistake #1. I was in tears last time I did this. Now, I'm so much stronger and actually can see the truth in what Michelle reads about the alcoholic. I'm nowhere near tears today. I don't have this fear anymore. There is hope, there is happiness, and there is peace in working these programs.

Your Privacy. Our Most Important Priority. Seriously.

Real names are not required. Webcams and face to face meetings are not a part of our program.

Your Next Step

(to hope, answers and a better life)

You don’t need to wait for him to get sober to start feeling like a beautiful, loving and happy wife.
You can transform your feelings from resentment, fear, hurt and anger into love, courage and compassion.

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Our Guarantee:
We are here to serve you and if you don’t feel like it’s a good fit – no questions asked – 100% of your money will be returned within the first 30 days of purchase.

Add up all the bar bills, receipts from liquor stores, DUI’s, rehabs or withdrawals from the ATM.

This disease has cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Investing in your relationship is the very first step toward transforming into the loving, fun and happy woman you can be.

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